Hair SimulationHair Simulation

Adana Hair Simulation hair tattoo, What is hair simulation? Specially designed devices and specially developed paints are applied in the form of tiny effects to the scalp region. hair wrought in Turkey, micropigmentation in the hair, is remembered with names such as hair simulation. Hair pigmentation as a difference in hair transplantation hair is not planted. Only a small amount of hair effects are given to the region. After a period of 1 year after the process of hair transplantation hair pigmentation in 3-5 hours as soon as possible to achieve a new look. In the usage period, we use B.C.N.T hair simulation paints which are the highest quality paint of the world in Adana hair simulation process. Depending on the person's skin structure and lifestyle, it is possible to use up to 3-5 years. There is no damage to the paint, all dyes used in Turkey made S.B N. S. Laboratory approved operations is also made international dermatological tests. However, a person's allergy test is recommended by Adana hair simulation. Before the hair pigmentation procedure, the person's work area is anesthetized with anesthetic creams so that there is no serious pain during the operation.

Adana Hair Simulation hair tattoo to do, you can return to your normal life from the moment the simulation ends. After the hair treatment for the first week should be kept away from excessive sports, sweating, sunscreen, cosmetic products and water should be used in the region for a small amount of care lotion once a day. They are only valid for one week. It can be dyed as desired in the next period. If the person has white hair and does not want to change the color of his hair, a very successful result is not obtained and Adana Hair Simulation recommends that you do not.

There are a total of 100000-150000 hairs in the human head. When the hair begins to spill, it can cause trouble for the person. Baldness and premature aging stigmas in both men and women can affect confidence and mood. Hair Simulation can cause a hairy, well-groomed hair. If you are looking for doctors who simulate hair in Adana, you can contact us. Before hair transplantation, you can foresee how your new hair will look with hair styling. TS Clinic