Acne Treatment Acne Treatment

Adana Acne Treatment, laser and light systems and improvements in Adana acne treatments are caused by heat and peeling, sound waves and mechanical effects. When the laser and light systems heat the skin under 50-60 C degree, the collagen fibers in the skin become shorter. This effect leads to a reduction in the skin's marks. With the increase of collagen over time, skin regeneration occurs and acne scars become light. There may be temporary sudden improvements due to edema and collagen shortening when performing Adana Acne Treatment. The main improvements are due to collagen production and should be waited for 6-12 months. Fractional lasers are considered as safe as renewing lasers without peeling. Fractional lasers are able to go down to the lower layers of the skin by giving intense energy to the points where they shoot and are effective on deeper traces. Because the points are shot in dots, the solid areas that are in the middle reduce the side effects by facilitating healing on the skin. Devices that peel away the skin are effective by peeling the top layer of the skin.

Adana Acne Treatment in TS Clinic setting, treatments with laser and light systems are carried out. Adana Beauty Center