Radiofrequency Facial RejuvenationRadiofrequency Facial Rejuvenation

It is a treatment used in aesthetic medicine for a very long time. Radio waves are used to treat skin and subcutaneous tissues. The face and body have different uses. It can be applied to every skin type. Sensitivity to the sun can be done in all seasons. When people start to age, some changes in the collagen structure of the skin begin to occur. This change over time leads to sagging and line formation that we know as aging on the skin. In radiofrequency facial rejuvenation application, heat increase in skin and subcutaneous tissues are provided. Fibroblasts are stimulated in the connective tissue due to the heat and the regenerated collagen fibers are regenerated. Circulation is regulated and the tissues are revived. Thus, the skin is tightened, and the lines are reduced. Changes may be felt after the first session. The sessions become more pronounced as they progress. The treatment lasts 8-10 sessions, the face and neck application ends in about 30 minutes and no discomfort is felt.

Adana radiofrequency facial rejuvenation promises you the following; Adana Beauty Center

  • Face oval recovery, tightening
  • Reduction of thin lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Neck skin recovery, tightening
  • Removing eyebrows
  • Revitalization of skin