Dermaroller Treatment Dermaroller Treatment

Adana Dermaroller Treatment is a method that provides skin rejuvenation by creating collagen stimulation and fractional laser effect in the subcutaneous tissue with titanium needles that can be adjusted in numerous lengths. The device making the operation can be stamp, roll or automatic. Adana Dermaroller Treatment can be used to treat skin wrinkles, spots, cracks, acne-scar-burn marks and hair loss on the scalp. Some drugs (PRP, stain remover, vitamin C, steroids, dexapanthenol etc.) are used together during the procedure and the drug is switched under the skin and its activity is increased. This is particularly effective in the treatment of blemish treatment, scar treatment, and hair loss. Adana Dermaroller Treatment is recommended for professional use. Home use can cause undesirable side effects due to sterilization and hygiene problems. It affects the lowest layer of the skin in professional use and gives the same result as laser especially in acne scars; needles open thin channels on the skin, they are too small to be seen as scar, the skin still perceives them as wound and produces extra collagen tissue to heal the area and as a result this extra collagen heals, rejuvenates and tightens the skin. Different sizes of needles should be used for the Adana Dermaroller Treatment. The size of the needle is determined by the doctor according to the problem. Topical anesthesia is required for deep needle applications.

Adana Dermaroller Treatment is the application of rejuvenation treatments on your skin. If you are looking for doctors in Adana Dermaroller Treatment, we are treating you in a hygienic environment. Adana Beauty Center