Dermabrasion TherapyDermabrasion Therapy

Adana Dermabrasion Therapy is a process of mechanical peeling of the skin with sanding tips which are connected to a special motor in order to reduce irregularities, stitch marks and wrinkles. In the Adana Dermabrasion Theraphy, the stripping process is a deep suture and the whole of the upper layer of the skin (epidermis), while the lower layer (dermis) is mechanically stripped. The skin is regenerated by the cells in the remainder of the substrate. Thus, the newly formed skin has a smoother and homogeneous color. The laser is the process of peeling by using the beam. Peeling effect is more limited. Adana Dermabrasion Therapy is more preferred than other methods because it gives better results in the correction of scars caused by puberty acne and trauma caused by trauma. Before the Adana Dermabrasion Therapy, the use of drugs such as aspirin should be discontinued. Smoking should be given 1 to 2 weeks before and after surgery. If there are active acne, the dermabrasion should be postponed until the acne is removed. Adana Dermabrasion Therapy is performed either locally or in general anesthesia depending on the width of the area to be applied.

After dermabrasion, thin gauze glands are placed on the wound. Depending on the depth of the procedure, new cell development is completed between 7 and 14 days and these gauze glands are attached to the wound. At the end of the 2nd week, a return to business life can be made. But sunscreen cream must be used very seriously. Adana Dermabrasion Therapy If you are looking for doctors who are treating you, we are treating you as a clinician in the hygienic environment. Adana Beauty Center