Adana Self Breast Augmentation With Adipose Tissue

Adana breast augmentation aesthetics, in order to have ideal size breasts, one of the most widely used methods in the aesthetic world is the fat injection method. The oil injection method, also known as oil sowing, injects a certain amount of fat into the breast area of ​​the patients. A maximum of 300 cc of growth can be achieved in one session. This procedure can be applied to patients who have never had a breast before, and prosthesis may be used for correction of prosthetic prosthesis. The operation has now become a 40-minute procedure. The procedure should be done in several sessions as the fat tissue given after the procedure melts at 60-70%. In order to perform this method, the patient's breast should not be too drooping and loose, but this procedure may not be performed in very tense and small breasts. As a result of the fat tissue given in these patients, some infections, fat cysts and fat necrosis may develop. Breast prostheses do not provide as much growth, so several sessions may be required. If you are looking for a doctor who is doing aesthetics in Adana breast enlargement, you can contact us.