Unclear Questions in Rhinoplasty

Unclear Questions in Rhinoplasty, patients who will have rhinoplasty surgery usually ask the surgeon if he / she is open, whether the tampon is unbuffered or plastered or non-gypsum is ultrasonic or is there any other method such as rhinoplasty without clear response. These questions vary according to the patient and there is no clear answer to the disease in medicine there is absolutely no disease. If we act with this logic, for example, ask me if open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty, opening a car bonnet under the repairable under the te to open the bonnet of the question, for example, the question is more logical to solve a problem to open the bottom should be entered. This is our approach to rhinoplasty, both of which can give the same result and have no advantage over the other. Is the use of buffer in rhinoplasty? If the patient does not have much intervention in the internal structures which we call concha or septum, there is no need for buffer if there is not much bleeding in the operation. If gypsum, soft tissue or cartilage is intervened, then there is no need for gypsum or wire. Gene nasal surgery by injection or with some fillings? It is actually used in plastic surgery in very small effects and in retouching. No rhinoplasty can be done with fill because the complication increases with increasing the amount of filling.