Considerations for Rhinoplasty Patients

Considerations for Rhinoplasty Patients, rhinoplasty operations are performed to add an aesthetic image to the nose and to ease breathing. It is also important to evaluate the internal structure of the nose in patients with rhinoplasty. Not only the nose, buttock, chin, cheekbones status, ie the ratio and appearance of the whole face should be considered. In patients with fatty skins, patients who have undergone several operations previously failed may not always have a perfect aesthetic result, so the patient's wishes should be clarified in advance. It should only be aimed at obtaining a near-normal image and this should be imposed on the patient. Sleeping as steep as possible by supporting your head with the pillow for the first two nights after nose surgery reduces the risk of edema. In rhinoplasty patients, it is not only the nose but also the face and the little touches affect the result very well. In rhinoplasty operations, a nose that is comfortable to breathe is more important and more important is the operation which seems to be the best result. Do not wear glasses for the first 4 or 6 weeks. Pain in your nasal bone may cause your nasal bone, cartilage tissue to collapse or deform.