Adana Face Lift With Strap Ropes

Adana Face Lift With Strap Ropes, you have relaxation and sagging on your face and do not want to be operated. You can choose skin rejuvenation with strap ropes. On the strap ropes, there may be some bones on the hanger, or very thin threads are placed on the tissue under the skin. The granulation or collagen tissue formed around them is expected to collect the skin. When used with hanger ropes, one end of the rope can usually be hung or released in another area. More thin ropes should be used when using thinner threads. Usually 150-200 pieces of rope is used for all face. The effect does not occur if the ropes are not placed in the appropriate number of places. Full adhesion and healthy stretching are immediately noticed after the application, but after the last appearance and the best appearance of the application is at the end of 6 weeks. The effect of the skin rejuvenation process that we do with the hanging process lasts 1-1,5 years. Since the rope hanger technique does not require a healing process, it can be returned to the daily life immediately after the application. If you are looking for a doctor who makes Adana Face Lift operation without surgery, you are at the right address.