Adana Face Filling Applications

Adana Face Filling Applications, it has a wide application area in cosmetic surgery, and it is a technique that is increasing in popularity. For fat injection to the facial area, fat tissue can be removed from any part of the body and the tissue taken can be injected into any area after treatment. The fat area can be injected into areas such as the cheekbones area, eyebrow edges, eye area, forehead and jaw area. Thinner microgref or nanogreft technique to thin the facial wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, eyebrows and even on the lip thin wrinkles can be used. It can also be used for the closure of the groove, which is called nasolabial groove in the rim of the mouth. Although it is very rare that the fat tissue, we give may occasionally cause cysts and infection. Therefore, the oil must be supplied in a sterilized environment. After adipose tissue is given, the result is about 80% in a period of about two weeks. The net result must be waited for up to six months to be received. Fat injection is usually performed under local anesthesia. Sometimes it may be a phase of a surgical intervention under general anesthesia. Oil injection takes about 30-60 minutes. Although it is performed under local anesthesia, it should be done in the operating room environment. If you are looking for a doctor who is doing Filling Applications in Adana Face Region, you can contact us.