Adana Laser Lipolysis

Adana Laser lipolysis, laser energy with the help of 1mm coniotomy is breaking fat tissue. It also provides shortening of the fibrils in the skin and provides a contraction in the skin. The liposuction in large areas is not suitable for processes because it works with very thin canellas, which is a longer process. Laser lipolysis is usually used on the face, neck, tummy, cheeks, under the arm, abdomen, waist and back, basins and legs, knees and ankles. If the fat melted in the laser lipolysis is not high, there is no need to take it. Excessive amounts of body are taken from the body with very fine canola. In men, laser lipolysis is a very useful method, especially in men with local fat excess gynecomastia called breast growth, back, lumbar region and abdominal lipolysis oil is very effective in the region. After laser lipolysis, we recommend a corset for 2 to 4 weeks.