Adana Rhinoplasty

Adana Rhinoplasty Surgery, Nose Revision is a type of surgery performed in cases where the nose cannot be reached by the nose surgery. A postoperative period of one year is required for the postoperative outcome, so the patient must be patient in order to achieve the full outcome of the rhinoplasty operation. If the patient is suffering from complaints such as “I want the tip of the nose to be more raised, I cannot breathe, there is asymmetry in this area” it is very important for us when the surgery is applied. You shouldn’t be hurried, else you get worse results than before. Revision surgeries are usually smaller retouching surgeries. For this reason, there is no gypsum or troublesome condition in the postoperative period. In addition, this procedure tends to be a much more complicated procedure than primary rhinoplasty, necessitating patients to find a qualified and experienced surgeon. If you are looking for a doctor who has a nose surgery in Adana, you can contact us.

Nose aesthetic surgery operations are called rhinoplasty. We seek answers to the most frequently observed and worrying questions in patients before deciding on these interventions that require expertise, competence, knowledge, equipment and experience. These questions vary according to the patient and do not have a clear answer, for example if you ask me whether open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty will be done, both can give the same result and there is no superiority from the other one. Is the use of buffer in rhinoplasty? If there is not much bleeding in the patient, the use of tampon is not necessary. If soft tissue or cartilage is intervened, there is no need for gypsum or wire, but if the bone roof is intervened, the plaster must be made in order to protect the nose and protect the nose from external factors. Gene nose surgery by injection or with some fillings? It is actually used in plastic surgery in very small effects and in retouching. No rhinoplasty can be done with fill because the complication increases with increasing the amount of filling.